We released the feature to allow the ability to use the creator's name in the channel name, whereas before it was ticket-0000 it can now be dapper-0000 and so on.

To set this up you need to go to our panel, once logged in click "Commands" and then click "Ticket Command"

Once done you will need to scroll down under the "Command Values" and find "USER CREATOR USERNAME IN TICKET NAME" and set it to "True"

If you wish to have the ticket names show like "support-username" you don't need to enable the above, but only put "{username}" in the ticket tag naming convention, or the ticket naming convention (if you don't use Ticket Tags).

To add it to ticket tags, click "Ticket Tags" at the top of the page, select your TAG (if you haven't done this yet, follow the ticket tag guide). Then find where it says "TICKET NAME CONVENTION" as per below and put {username} into it.

There we go, all done :)