What does Helper.gg actually do?

Helper.gg is a highly robust support integration that can be used to streamline communication between a staff team and their user base, and we have many features that set us apart outside of simply creating tickets. All of our core features are included with the baseline version of the bot for free, however it is worth noting that we offer several additional quality of life features within our Premium ($4.00 per month) and Supreme ($2 extra per month) packages.

If you would like to view an exhaustive list of Helper.gg's features, please navigate to the link below:

Exhaustive Feature List for Helper.gghttps://helper.gg/features

Core Functionality

If you're looking for a basic run-through of a few of our core features, please see the tab-list below:

What are Tickets?

Tickets are, in a few words, a medium through which clients can interface with a support team in order to receive assistance or gather insight around their questions, concerns, and/or issues. The idea behind support tickets, and the logistics behind streamlining the support process down to an art form, quite literally builds the foundation upon which Helper.gg was conceived and ultimately created. Also in a more general sense, tickets can allow any support team to have open and active communication with their customers to both ensure the improvement of their product and the quality of a user's experience.

What are Transcripts?

Transcripts are essentially the textual record of a ticket which can be generated upon the closure of a ticket either via command or through other automatic means. This feature can be particularly helpful for people whose use cases necessitate benchmarking and thorough, retrospective evaluation of how their support teams handle certain customer service inquiries. Also in a more general sense, ticket transcripts can allow any support team to look back and not only improve upon certain aspects of their activities where they presented shortcomings, but also to build upon strong suits that already exist.

What are Ticket Tags?

Ticket Tags can be summed up in a broad sense as a means of departmentalizing support resources by allowing for category designations in the context of any individual ticket. This feature can be particularly helpful as a way of clearing up where exactly a client should go to file their ticket while also serving the auxiliary benefit of providing visual clarity and a sense of transparency regarding the structuring of any given support team. Generally speaking, Ticket Tags allow for the creation of a ticket in the category of your choice, so long as it is predefined by yourself or a staff member in the panel, and provide a greater sense of ease in determining how tickets should be handled at a glance.

For a setup guide please visit:

Setting up Helper.gg
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