It's either you're here from Automatic Transcripts, or you're here because you went exploring. We offer the ability for manual transcripts, although I must mention they only exist for 3 days at a time, before removing themselves. Automatic transcripts are kept forever unless the email gets deleted, or the channel gets deleted.

Manual Transcripts load up a website which displays the .html file for you, to do this the ticket first needs to be closed, and you need to run your transcript command. By default this is -transcript (id)

Please also note you need to include the ticket ID, so -transcript 15, -transcript 22

The below message would be sent:

If you haven't yet looked at Automatic transcripts, please check them out!

Automatic Email and Channel Transcripts
How do I set up transcripts to be logged via email and through my Discordserver?It is currently possible to generate transcripts through both manual andautomated means, however each have their own benefits and peculiarities. Notethat automated generated transcripts are permanently accessible. Tr…