How to disable or enable a message to Auto Delete

Here’s how you can disable or enable a message to be Auto Deleted after 10 seconds (by default, can be changed if you have premium), we will explain how to change it beneath this section.

Go to a message you want to be Auto Deleted, click the "Customize" button and then clicking the "Auto Delete" switch button, this will toggle Auto Delete on or off.

Each message has it's own auto-delete option, allowing you to enable/disable each message from being deleted

If you don’t see a switch that means the message can’t be Auto Deleted, if you want access to Auto-Delete then please raise a ticket.

Change Auto Delete Time Period

Please note that Auto Delete Time Period is a premium feature. You can follow this guide on how to purchase Premium here;
Purchasing Premium and Supreme
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Lets move onto setting the time period on Auto-Deleting messages, you can change the time that it takes before a message is deleted, here’s how you can do that.

First things first head over to "Bot Variables", then scroll too "Miscellaneous values" and click it, you should then see "Auto delete time period" where you can change the Auto-Delete period.

By default this is 10 seconds, although you can have up too 20 seconds. If you wish to have this increased, please raise a ticket.

All done, that is how you setup and change the period for Auto-Delete.