If you are reading this guide, that means you have purchased the Supreme package for Parent.gg. First and foremost, we would like to thank you for supporting the bot's continued development and improvement! Now that you have Supreme, here's what you need to do in order to start taking full advantage of it:

$ https://canary.discord.com/developers/applications

Step 1: Click on "New Application" at the top right corner of the screen, give the application a name an click "Create"

Step 2: Once you've created the application, go to the "Bots" tab in the nav-bar on the left of the screen.

Step 3: Build your bot! Feel free to give it a name of your choice, and note that bot creation is irreversible. Then click "Yes, do it!"

Step 4: Navigate to the "oAuth2" tab in the same menu as the "Bot" tab, and copy the number where it says Client ID.

Step 5: Now you need to generate an invite link to be used when inviting your bot to the server, so you can use the supreme features. Don't worry, the new bot will use the same settings and variables from the Parent.gg bot, nothing is lost.

Now if you go to the link below;

Discord Permissions Calculator
A small calculator that generates Discord OAuth invite links

Step 6: Copy your bot's Client ID into the link you just generated where it says INSERT_CLIENT_ID_HERE, then copy the link, and paste it into your browser. Once done invite the new bot application into your guild!

Remember you need to put the client ID, and select "Administrator"

Step 7: Once the bot you've just created is in your server, go back to the Developer Portal click "Bot" and click "Copy" where you will now be provided with a token.

Please make sure you keep this token secure and not to share it with anyone.

Step 8: Copy the "TOKEN" you just generated, and go back to Parent.gg's panel, on the page you select your server you will see "**Manage Supreme**" which will look like;

Step 9: Now we are here you will see the below image, please input your bot token in the "BOT Token" box.

Step 10: The new bot may take a few minutes to boot. Remember, your settings won't be changed, although I'd recommend you do re-send your Ticket Tag embed(s) so they appear under the correct bot application and not Helper.gg's.

Before sending embeds, make sure you kick the Helper.gg bot from your guild so you're left with your new application.

Last and not least, we require you to enable the members and message content intents (as boxed in red). Without the members intent, we cannot obtain a list of your guild members, rendering a large percentage of our bots with limited functionality (transcripts, panel and so on). Additionally, the message content intent is necessary for us to be able to retrieve messages if you'd like to continue using text-based commands or preserving transcript functionality – to name a few examples. Without both of these intents enabled, your bot will not be able to start.

This can be done by enabling the below box under "Bot" on the Discord Developer Portal.

Thank you for supporting Parent.gg, and allowing us to provide you a service beyond expectations.