You're probably reading this and going, what? AI in How's this possible? We introduced AI into

How are we using AI? When someone makes a ticket you can now have the bot automatically respond for you based on the documentation you give it. You train the bot, the bot automatically figures what to say back and responds. It's very accurate, and incredible.

Unfortunately we're using a paid API, therefore we need to re-direct this cost onto you guys. 1$ gives you 150000 tokens. 750 words cost roughly 1000 tokens. Therefore 1 dollar gives the bot the ability to respond with a maximum of 112,500 words.

The API understands 'words' to be more than just the response. The documentation, and message is given to the AI model which incurs additional costs

We've told the bot by default to give as short of a response as possible, obviously in some cases, this means the response could still be 100-200 words, but in some cases could be as small as 1-5 words. So dependant on your documentation and the questions asked to the bot depend on how long these tokens last.

AI is automatically enabled once tokens have been purchased and documentation have been created (and tags enabled). Obviously the responses can only be as precise as the documentation you give it. So if you give the bot one documentation and expect a full detailed answer then you may find you don't get one. The better your documentation, the better the responses will be.

Firstly you need to click 'AI Integration', then click 'Buy Tokens'. You need to enter the amount of tokens you want, then purchase them via Account Balance, or Stripe. If you don't see a card, you need to go to Payment Methods (click your name top right and click 'Payment Methods' and add a card. Then return to this page, and purchase using the cards.

Then you need to add AI Documentation, to do so click 'New Documentation'. This is where you put information about whatever you want the bot to respond with.

Lastly you need to enable what tags, and command to enable AI. If you don't enable these then AI doesn't automatically turn itself on. You will find it then looks like this.

Thanks for using!