What is Helper.gg, and what is Ticket Tool? Both of these bots are Discord Ticket Bots, providing businesses/guilds the functionality to create tickets to assist their clients with problems, similar to a live chat functionality you often find but within Discord itself.

Ticket Tool being a large competitor to Helper.gg, we're going to outline the key differences which separate us from Ticket Tool, and why using Helper.gg would benefit your community.

Helper.gg Ticket Tool
Multi-language Support
Unlimited Tickets
Thread Support
Forms Support
Custom Transcript Panel
5+ Ways to have transcripts
Custom Bot Functionality
Custom Bot Status
AI in Tickets
Timed Close
Discount Code? 'TicketTool'
99.9% Customisation
Custom Intregrations
View Tickets on Panel
Message and respond via Panel

I could keep going on, and both bots are decent in their own way, as you can see Helper.gg's functionality exceeds Ticket Tools, and did you notice that there was a Tick against the 'Discount Code? 'Ticket Tool'' section? That's right, get 50% of your first month using code 'TicketTool'

Excited? We have guides to cover all aspects of the bot, setting up Supreme (Custom bot applications, completely automatic), setting up transcript functionality, creating the perfect embed and so much more.

Setting up Supreme (Custom Bot Application)
If you are reading this guide, that means you have purchased the Supreme package for Parent.gg. First and foremost, we would like to thank you for supporting the bot’s continued development and improvement! Now that you have Supreme, here’s what you need to do in order to start taking
Setting up Ticket Embeds & Forms
1 | What are Ticket Embeds?Ticket Embeds are panel embeds, the ability for users to click a button, or a form and a ticket is created. You can also have multiple-embeds allowing you to section and setup the bot to you desire. Buttons will create a ticket without asking any