What are Integrations, and what can you do with them? Essentially, we now allow the ability for you to create variables, when the variables are used they either send a GET or a POST request. This returns a set of data, which then gets put into an embed, message, ticket creation embed and so on.

Essentially, we now allow you to integrate an external source directly into the bot.

Be mindful if you're sending via POST, it is send within the body as JSON, whereas if you are using GET it is sent as params in the URL.

You have two methods, using a GET or a POST. Please see below examples:

To setup API Integrations go to our panel at https://panel.parent.gg/ and select 'Integrations'.

At this point, you have 'pre-defined' integrations, essentially integrations which we've pre-configured to work with a unique service's platform, and you also have custom integrations.

If you wish to use the pre-configured option, click configure, and it will take you through a guide on configuring it. If you wish create one, then click 'New Integration' and you will be asked to select between GET and POST.

Select between the two, and put your endpoint URL.

If you have for example an authorisation key, or something that needs to be sent along at the same time, then you need to put it in the 'ADD Header' section.

Once this has been completed, please click 'Test Endpoint'.

You will then be given a bunch of variables to use, these variables can then be put into ANY message sent via the bot.

If you're to put the variable into a ticket creation embed message, then the data we send will include ticket information.

Once you have taken your variable, go to any message sent via the bot, and put the variable into the embed message content. Then click Save, if you have made a change to a ticket embed, or something directly related to your Ticket Embeds, then please resend your embeds for the cache to update.

If you get stuck, please raise a ticket in our Discord server for support.

Reasons for request failure:

  1. Not all APIs appreciate additional data being passed in a GET request, and may refuse to return anything.
  2. Waiting for people to find them... :)