We have the ability to automatically close tickets on two factors, those being if a user leaves the Discord Server, or if NO (including Staff) hasn't responded after X amount of time.

To set this up you need to login to our panel;

ParentPanel - Login

Once you're here, if you select your server and go to "Automation"

To enable the ability for tickets to auto-close after no response change "0" to a number within 0-99. This is in hours and does not support minutes. We recommend something like 12 (which is 12 hours).

If you wish to enable it so when a user leaves their ticket closes automatically you need to change "Close Tickets When User Leaves" to **True**.

Please note that if that variable is true the message "Message on User Leave" will not be sent, as the ticket gets closed. This message is sent when that variable is False therefore making you aware the user is no longer in the guild.

Thank you