Please ensure all variables are lowercase when inputting them into the panel.

We have multiple placeholders available to be used in all messages our bot sends. Please see below:

{username} / {tagusername}

This will tag the user in the embed (doesn't actually tag, displays their tag).


This displays the User ID in the embed.


This displays the guild name in the message.


This displays the date the command was ran.

This variable is used for the response when a user runs a command in a channel the bot has been told not to allow ticket command in.

{1avgresponse} {3avgresponse} {7avgresponse}

Please note these do not work in your ticket-tag embed, but work in every other message within the bot (including the bot status if you're Supreme).  The number corresponds to the day, so 1 Average day, 3 Average days, and 7 Average days.


This displays the reason that was set when closing a ticket. Do note that it only works in transcript messages.


This will display the reason (-reason) (channel reason) in the message.


This will tag whoever claims a ticket in the embed upon dispatching -claim.


This variable works only in the claim and un-claim messages. This will display the ticket creator tagged in the embed message.

Example: Good Day, I'm {ticketcreatorhere}! I'll be assisting you today.