How to enable Developer Mode & Copy an ID

How to enable Discord Developer ModeHere’s a step by step guide on how to enable Discord Developer Mode on desktop and mobile. DesktopFirstly, head over to your Discord settings. Once you’re in your Discord settings head over to “Advanced”. Then enable “Developer Mode” by clicking the toggle switch,

Purchasing Premium and Supreme (or Voting)

We support account credit for people who wish to use PayPal (we don't support PayPal subscriptions, and only Account Credit). If you do have any account credit, and a subscription setup with a card stored with Stripe we will take from the Account Credit before charging your card. How do

Setting up Supreme

If you are reading this guide, that means you have purchased the Supreme package for First and foremost, we would like to thank you for supporting the bot's continued development and improvement! Now that you have Supreme, here's what you need to do in order to start taking

Rolling Bot Status

Supreme users can have a rolling bot status, don't want the same message always being on your Bot Status, well you can change them. You aren't limited either to the amount. The status changes every 60 seconds and follows the order in which you put them. To get started on

How to obtain Emoji ID's

Many people struggle with working out how to obtain ID's for channels, roles, emojis, custom emojis and so on and its due to Discord's fantastic way of dealing with them (well for emojis at least) *insert joke here* please see below on how to obtain IDs. For Channel and Role

Discord Support?

Are you stuck, or unsure how to proceed next with services? Contact us on our Discord Server.

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