Discord Roles are the roles that staff use when assisting in a ticket. They require the roles to allow them to do such things like -rename, -add, -remove, -transcript, -translate and so on. Let me show you how to set them up, and add access.

Please don't get this confused with Panel Staff accounts. Having a staff role does not grant access to the panel to those who have it, nor does possessing Administrator perms. If you wish to grant access to the panel please check the Panel Staff Roles documentation.

Discord Support Roles

Once you've invited the Helper.gg bot, we automatically create a role called ticket-support that allows you to interact with the bot, although we allow support for the creation of more which each have configurable permissions. Free members can have 3 staff roles (interchangeable on the panel) and Premium members can have 20 staff roles. On the panel you can decide which are your roles, if you wish to add or remove staff roles. This also allows departmentalization on Ticket-Tags (Chat Reactions) being you can remove roles from ticket on creation, allowing you to section of reactions to Support, Management, Billing, Purchasing, Sales and so on.

If you log into the panel, and go to "Support Roles" you will see on the right-hand side the staff roles. Please view the below image.

Here you can change the role, delete the role, add new roles, and change the staff roles per command. This allows you to have customization on which roles are your Ticket Staff Roles and allowing you to configure what permission each role has.