About is a multifaceted, highly advanced Discord integration: designed to facilitate communication between support teams and their clients through the use of a ticket system. Of course, there are several bots out on the market that operate on the same premise, but every system has its share of flaws

Setting up

How am I supposed to incorporate the bot in my server?Alright, now that you have familiarized yourself with the essential basics about, it's time to set up our bot in your server! Please note that while we've designed the system to allow for zero-setup on Discord's end,


What does actually do? is a highly robust support integration that can be used to streamline communication between a staff team and their user base, and we have many features that set us apart outside of simply creating tickets. All of our core features are included

Discord Support Roles

Discord Roles are the roles that staff use when assisting in a ticket. They require the roles to allow them to do such things like -rename, -add, -remove, -transcript, -translate and so on. Let me show you how to set them up, and add access. Please don't get this confused

Panel Staff Accounts has a feature called "Panel Staff Accounts" allowing you to control and configure what a staff member can do on the panel. Whether this is to allow them access to purchasing Premium/and Supreme, or access to bot variables and so on. Web Panel Staff AccountsTo setup a

Setting up Supreme

If you are reading this guide, that means you have purchased the Supreme package for First and foremost, we would like to thank you for supporting the bot's continued development and improvement! Now that you have Supreme, here's what you need to do in order to start taking

Setting up Ticket-Tags

1 | What are Ticket Tags?Ticket tags are panel embeds, the ability for users to click a button, or an emoji and a ticket is created. You can also have multiple-embeds allowing you to section and setup the bot to you desire. Lets get you setup with using Ticket Tags!

Variable Placeholders

Please ensure all variables are lowercase when inputting them into the panel.We have multiple placeholders available to be used in all messages our bot sends. Please see below: {username} / {tagusername}This will tag the user in the embed (doesn't actually tag, displays their tag). {user_id}This displays the

Automatic Email and Channel Transcripts & DM Transcripts (.html and .json)

How do I set up transcripts to be logged via email, through my Discord server and via DM?It is currently possible to generate transcripts through both manual and automated means, however each have their own benefits and peculiarities. Note that automated generated transcripts are permanently accessible. Transcripts which are

Manual Transcripts

It's either you're here from Automatic Transcripts, or you're here because you went exploring. We offer the ability for manual transcripts, although I must mention they only exist for 3 days at a time, before removing themselves. Automatic transcripts are kept forever unless the email gets deleted, or the channel


Please see below a list of commands that are available in the bot. Ticket CommandThe command that makes the bot what it is today. We support a ticket command, and ticket tags for easy ticket creation. The ticket command allows users to create a ticket for easy access

Average Response Times

You have the ability to have average response times in your messages, and your status if you're a Supreme member. To get started use the variables {1avgresponse} {3avgresponse} {7avgresponse} in your messages. Please note these do not work in your ticket-tag embed, but work in every other message within the

How to change Prefix

Hey! Let me guess you're new around here? If so, thank you for checking us out. You won't be let down! I promise! We support having the ability to change your bots prefix, so our bot doesn't collide with another bot you may already have. By default we use -

Increase Ticket Limit for Users

By default a user is limited to one ticket. This can be changed, and increased for Premium Members and if you're wondering how it's super easy. Start by going to our panel, and login with Discord. ParentPanel - LoginLoginOnce you're logged in, click "Commands" -> "Ticket Command" ->

Ticket Automation

We have the ability to automatically close tickets on two factors, those being if a user leaves the Discord Server, or if NO (including Staff) hasn't responded after X amount of time. To set this up you need to login to our panel; ParentPanel - LoginLoginOnce you're here, if you

Creator Username in Ticket Name

We released the feature to allow the ability to use the creator's name in the channel name, whereas before it was ticket-0000 it can now be dapper-0000 and so on. To set this up you need to go to our panel, once logged in click "Commands" and then click "Ticket

Remove Confirm Close

You're wanting to disable Confirm Close? It's as easy as flicking a switch. If you load up our panel and login with Discord ParentPanel - LoginLoginOnce you're in if you click your server, and click "Modify". Once you've done that click "Commands" and then click "Close Command". Underneath Close Command

Close Button on Ticket Creation

You can enable Close Button on Ticket Creation to allow users to close a ticket via the original ticket embed that is sent. This can be enabled by going onto the panel - LoginLoginOnce logged in, select your guild and select "Modify" Please now click "Commands" and then

Default translation Language

With you're able to change the default translation language, by default it is "English", although if you want the bot to translate every message into a certain language you can. Step 1: Logging into the panelTo do this you need to log into the panel at:

Disable Author Self Closed

By default ticket creators can close their own tickets, but this can be disabled so that people can't close their own tickets. This is so you have complete control over the ticket, or stopping people from spam creating of them. To disable this, go to the panel (https://panel.parent.

Discord Support?

Are you stuck, or unsure how to proceed next with services? Contact us on our Discord Server.

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